I John 3:18

All original content copyright Jessica Nicole Schafer, 2007-2016.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


There has to be a better way
Than what we’re seeing now
There has to be a better route
Than letting hatred and exclusion abound.

We’re saying we’re pro-life, save
All the babies, keep them alive!
Yet we hate others with our very words…
Dehumanizing through our strife.

It’s as if we only want to treat
Life sacred while it’s in the womb…
But once someone is breathing
It’s okay to send them to a tomb.

Indeed, humanity is lovely…
From beginning to the end…
What if we treated each other with honour,
Just as we’re told to do by Him?!

We act like it’s okay to tear someone down
When they don’t agree with us…
Because people will come to know Him
The more we shout and scream and cuss!

The more we shout, the louder we’ll be!
What a great way to spread the love.
What a great way to let people know
Of a God that looks down from above.

As if He’s not here, he’s off in the distance
Unattached from us and looking down…
What if we lived as He said to live,
As if His Kingdom were all around?

Yet we still sit back and judge other’s actions-
As if its our duty to measure the heart.
But, when it’s us needing help--
We cry for forgiveness and grace from the start.

We like to say, “God is love!”
And that’s the business we’re in!
Yet we can’t even be faithful and love one another,
And even backstab ones we call “friends”.

Instead of being known as oppressors,
When will we stop the oppressing that’s being done?
When will we be known for the love
That’s supposed to bring others to the One?

When will we stop being busy
Gossiping about other people’s days…
And get down on our knees instead
Praying we can all understand His grace?

I long for a day when His church
Will be known for what they adore,
For showing love and grace-
Rather than the hatred many of us are known for.

I long for the day that we’ll be known
For embracing every person, and showing grace-
Instead of drawing lines in the Kingdom,
Whether it’s because of opinions or one’s race.

When can we sit back and realize that
His table is open to us all?
If He’s given someone breath, then they’re human…
Everyone’s invited to hear His call.

Jessica Nicole Schafer