I John 3:18

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Absence.

I’ve got an awful lot on my mind…one of the very big things is missing my Momma an awful lot. Her birthday is February 7th. I wrote this in observance of just that. So, though I have a lifetime full of sorrow, frustration, darkness, and doubt to deal with, in many other areas of my life…..this is just for her.

You are missed, Momma. Every. Single. Moment.

The Absence.

Time will never heal
The pain I always feel
When I think of wanting you still here with me.

Every time I see another
Young lady out with her Mother
It brings on all sorts of feelings of jealousy.

Each time I have some news to share
You were the one who cared-
Whether things were really bad or really good…

I still reach for the phone
But I remember you’re not home,
Just to hear your voice again…I wish I could.

There are moments I see
Just a small glimpse in me
That remind me just a little bit of you…

I always wanted your blue eyes,
But now so many times I cry,
And there are still some moments that’s all I can do.

Many moons have gone by,
The sun’s still in the sky,
Though I hate it, the world keeps spinning on.

Life has kept on going
My baby boy won’t stop growing
How I’d give anything to have you here back home.

Things are so different now
I can’t explain how
Your absence has left an emptiness that can’t be filled.

Though I see you in a dream,
And as happy as it seems,
Reality wakes me up to seeing it wasn’t real.

Still, some nights I pray
God will send you my way
Even though I can only see you while I sleep.

So here’s to you, my Mommy!
As we celebrate your birthday…
And next time we meet, we know it’ll be for keeps…

Your laugh, so happy and true,
Your eyes bluer than blue,
Your presence always made us all so glad.

You are missed so deeply,
Remembered so sweetly,
You’re the best Momma a girl ever had.

Jessica Nicole Schafer