I John 3:18

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"We, the Faithful"

We have the answers. We are the faithful ones.

We won’t allow any outsiders. We already have it “right”.

We know those who are living in poverty are there because they deserve it.

We know those who don’t have blessings are just being taught a lesson.

We know the ones hurting are not as blessed as we are, so we hope they change into our way of thinking.

We know we are the privileged ones.

We know we are entitled to every blessing because we have earned them.

We don’t need someone coming to change things. Different is NOT welcome.

We insist you do things our way, for there IS NO OTHER correct way.

We know the secrets, and will remain faithful to what we know to be right.

We will not listen to this man who claims to be the Messiah.

He is too close to those who are accursed. He loves the very ones we hate.

We will indeed win and crucify him for his blasphemy.

We will flex our muscle and show everyone who’s in charge.

We will show everyone that POWER is what brings about truth.

Sound familiar?

In their very hard-heartedness, in their judgmental ways, self-righteous minds, they missed the very One who came to them out of love. What they didn’t know was that in submitting His very life to the powers that were, their crucifying Him only fulfilled His grander plan. And they didn’t even realize He was also doing it for even them….the very ones who hated Him.

Church, we have to stop living this way. Look around. We are known more for being affiliated with a certain political party, for hating any sort of outsider, whether they are a different color, religion, race, denomination, or heaven forbid a foreigner tries to come in our midst. If another doesn’t “believe” the way we do, vote the way we do, we deem them an outsider who just doesn’t “get it”.

We are known in a big way for hatred. For trying to claim power. For silencing anything that doesn’t sound like “us”.

BUT….there is GOOD NEWS. We can change this. Let’s remember that as long as we have breath, there IS hope.

Let’s have a hand in beautifying what is broken….instead of killing what is already bleeding.