I John 3:18

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Sunday, August 12, 2007




Thirdtimemomma said...

Does Dylan have a sister?!? :)

Andrea said...

You have such a cute little boy. He has a contagiuos smile. Hey, I noticed that you have "3 month fast" on your to do list. Can you tell me about that? THANK YOU!! :)

Rebecca said...

i freaking love him. If I wasn't such a good person, I might steal him!!! He is soooo cute! (I'm talking about Dylan, not Darryl - or am I? Just kidding!) And, are those Carmen's cutie kids? Where was Caleb? Out running a marathon or winning a science fair or inventing a cure for cancer?

Thirdtimemomma said...

I have another use for Apple Cider Vinegar. Use it on your hair, to rinse out suds and as a rinse on your dog to remove wet dog odor. :) I think you use one part ACV and four parts water. :)

Andrea said...

Hello again!!
Thank You for answering me. Do you mind sharing with me the details of how you are doing the fast? I am interested. What you eat and/or drink (or not as the case may be)? I understand if its personal, I just was thinking that I would like to look into it if you don't mind sharing. You can contact me thru my email me on my profile if you would prefer to answer that way. THANK YOU!! :)

Brea said...

What a cute Bible cover! My son just got his first real Bible - not a story book - for his birthday. He was so excited to have 'a real Bible, just like Dad's!'

Please don't ever cut your little one's hair too short; those curls are killer! :)

~Brea, the tinymama

Andrea said...

I sent an email to yours- just in case you don't receive it ( my email has been a bit weird today :p) you can reach me at amaddiex0439@charter.net

Andrea said...

Hey again!!
Yep, I was afraid of that, my email came back to me. The error message said it was undeliverable because yahoo rejected it saying "this user does not have a yahoo.com account". If you can't get thru to my charter address I have a yahoo address
Worse comes to worse you can write me. :) Let me know. Sorry this has been such a hassle.

Andrea said...

Got it! And emailed you back. :)

Jill said...

holy crap! that picture of the 2 little mexicans is sooo cute..they look like bro and sis!