I John 3:18

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

"You have taken account of my wanderings; put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in Your book?" -Psalm 56:8-

It's much easier to pretend things are good when they're not. It's much easier to ignore the reality of what's happening around rather than deal with the very hard things in life. I have never been one who's able to do that, though. I have to ask questions. I have to wonder. I have to talk about the hard things. I ask God those tough questions that I used to never think of asking Him. And you know what? He's okay with that!! He can handle my questions. He can handle my frustrations. He can handle my unbelief. He can handle my sorrows. He can handle my grief.

Today I am trying, as hard as I can, to remember that there is a rainbow somewhere. It is there. I can't see it, and I am not experiencing it. But I am holding onto that promise. There's no way to "pretty it up".....I've been going through pure hell the past two full years. And right now, it doesn't look like things are getting any better. But until they do....assuming they will.....I am holding onto God, and these precious people He's given me. I love Him. I love them. I love my God, even during the stormy seasons of life, when death seems to be all around and sorrow seems to have camped out for good.....I still love Him. Nothing can change that. And nothing can change the great love He has for me.

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