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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Loving Others, Including Myself

I spend a lot of time talking about Love.  It's important to me.  With My Love, our Bean, our family and friends...love is what ties us together.  Through grief, tragedy, happiness, and the mundane things in life, Love is what will get us through. I happily pour myself into my husband and son, because I know what a gift they are.  I happily pour myself into the Church we are part of, the children, the youth group, because they are worth it...and I have such a love and passion for them all.  I love what I get to do. Whatever it is I'm working on, while wearing the many hats I have the gift of wearing, I try to keep Love the main focus.

When it comes to loving myself...I fail, A LOT.  Everyday.

I've spent this year trying to work on that.  Physically, spiritually,  mentally, etc.  I've tried to be kind to the girl looking back at me.  I'm always conscious of being kind to others, and of course, I fail so many times.  But when it comes to extending kindness and love to myself.......I have a lot of work to do.  I have a lifetime, and I need a lifetime.  Of course I know the importance of loving myself,  but we all know that "knowing and doing are two different things!"

So yes, this is me.  I see flaws, I see so many more flaws in myself than I see positive things.  But I'm working hard to love myself.  I'm working hard to grace myself.  I'm working hard to embrace myself.

Not every picture someone posts comes from a place of vanity.  Sometimes, it's quite the opposite.

I adore My Love and our son more than they'll ever realize.  I love my family.  I love our friends.  I love people so, so, so, much.  I love the beautiful face of God I see as I look at every person breathing the gift of life.

But I have always had a hard time loving myself.

Which makes me think maybe there are more out there like me.  If so, whether you are 15, or 65.....you're not alone.

Let's learn to love that face in the mirror.  Because as much as I talk about loving the beautiful work of humanity, created in God's image.......I often forget I'm a part of it, as well.

I have so much work to do, but I'm still trying to love her, the one looking back at me.  It is an ongoing project. But I will try.

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