I John 3:18

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Friday, June 25, 2010


Seven years.

We've had our plans, God's had his. Sometimes, they've lined up, sometimes they haven't.

However, no matter the weather....no matter the happiness...no matter the grief and sorrow life has thrown our way....

Darryl James, I'm happy I've spent these days with you.

You are the ideal husband.
I mean it.
You make me feel beautiful when I haven't showered all day. You make me feel loved when I'm not so loving in return. You make me feel encouraged when I'm down on myself. You comfort me when I'm grieving. You hurt for me when I'm crying. You laugh with me when I'm laughing (even when my laughing hurts your ears...). You hug me when I am not acting very "huggable". You listen to me, even when what I'm saying often seems neverending. You even listen to what I don't say. My Momma adored(s) you. My Daddy thinks the world of you. My sister spoke of us being married even before we thought we'd be dating.

God has used you in my life in much bigger ways than you've ever imagined. You've always loved me with all you are. You've always been faithful to me. You've always thought of me before yourself. You've always lived out the gospel in my life and those around you. Everyone looks up to you. (Get it? haha....I couldn't resist.)

Though I know you're humble and don't like praise, I can't help but share the joy with everyone that you've given me.

Seven is my favorite number. You are my favorite husband. ;) The two of those together is bomb-a-licious.

Since you have loved me wholly, fiercely, tenderly, and fully...I only hope you'll give me the next SEVENTY years to do the same to you, my love.


I will say, "I love you"....however, that doesn't begin to describe the immensity of what I feel for you.

Here's to seventy more...

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