I John 3:18

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Power of One.

You wash the peanut butter crust off of the plates.

You spend hours studying His Word.

You rock a sweet child to sleep.

You write words that affect people for the good.

You clean rears.

You hug someone who is crying for her departed Mother.

You preach sermons that move one’s soul closer to Him.

You feed a hungry person.

You cry tears of hurt for another person’s sorrow.

You put a band-aid on a wounded knee, and kiss it to make it better.

You clean the socks that are drenched in sweat and dirt.

You listen to a friend who has nobody else to listen to her.

You give a home to the homeless.

You hug your Mommy and in doing so kiss her soul.

You pray relentlessly for your friend who is engulfed in grief.

You carry your spouse’s grief and sorrow.

You laugh with your husband.

You teach your child to read.

You remain faithful to your spouse.

You take care of the orphan.

You suffer hardship.

You lift up the downhearted.

You love the unlovable.

You don’t change who you are to appease the masses.

You touch the untouchable.

You love those who persecute you.

You pray God will send you a spouse because you’ve been waiting so long.

You wake up each day and do your best for those you love.

You offer worship from your weary soul.

You wash dirty feet.

You wonder if anyone notices your hard work.

You catch the tears of someone who is hurting.

You hug the hurting rather than judge them.

You fold and put away the laundry for the thousandth time.

You set the table again.

You clear the table yet again.

You wash the crayon marks off of the table.

You sacrifice your wants for other’s needs.

You comfort your brother who is caught up in his sin.

You believe in the midst of hopelessness.

You carry a cross up a lonely hill.

You give of yourself to those who hate you.

You forgive those who never ask for forgiveness.

You get out of bed though you are depressed.

You take another breath through your despair.

You keep waiting and praying….though nothing good has happened.

You study hard and learn subtraction.

You sing a song to your parents and bring a smile to their faces

You feel alone, yet somehow you make it through another day.

You worship in your grief.

You help your Momma with the chores, though you loathe them.

You clean the floors yet again.

You do another load of dirty pots and pans.

You wash the linens again.

You try to make a budget out of a very small income.

You remain a friend to someone who hasn’t been a friend in return.

You don't realize how much you are loved.

You are not alone.

You listen.

You laugh.

You cry.

You ache.

You hurt.

You mourn.

You feel.

You gave Yourself willingly on a tree for a people who despised You.

**Never underestimate the power of one. One person can build up. One person can tear down. One person can hate. One person can love.**



Sunganani said...

The one thing about your blog posts that I find interesting is how you celebrate your husband and son. That is very refreshing and has give me some ideas about celebrating my wife and three kids.

Thanks for pouring yourself out, I am getting filled.

jesnicole said...

You're so very welcome. Thanks so much for reading!! I appreciate your kind words. :)

Rebecca said...

I love this. Love it, love it, love it.