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Friday, August 23, 2013

So Many Hats.

Some days, I'm just spent.  Okay.......honestly, everyday.

But truth be told, it's a good kind of spent.  I don't take what I do lightly.  My sweet husband is a Minister, so of course I'm always helping with that.  I have the gift of being able to work here, in our home.  Also, I have the gift of homeschooling our sweet son.  I'm not sure what the word is, some may say a "calling", but I'm pretty burnt out on "christianese".  I'm strongly pulled, my heart is drawn, and my mind is constantly immersed in these things.  My heart adores all that I get to do.  These people I live with, the things I'm doing...they pull me in.

I am so much in love with these boys, they are a gift to me.  So....maybe it is a calling.

Moving on...

I have wanted to write about our homeschooling journey in detail for many years.  I guess part of me wonders if anybody would even care to know.  Because Lord knows, I'm no expert. Is anybody, really? The more we study a thing, we all realize how much MORE we have to learn.

However, I know in all my nine years of research on homeschooling, the zillion ways to do it, and then actually doing it.....I wish I'd had someone to help me through.  It's been great for our family, and our son loves it.  But in a sense, I always felt as though I was having to "break new ground", so to speak.  Seeing as how this is our sixth year of homeschooling, I thought I'd go ahead and attempt writing about it.  So, whether you care to know, or know somebody who does, here is my new blog!!

I reiterate.......I'm no expert!!  But for our family, it has worked, and is still working so well.  I know it is a gift. I consider it, as everything else I do day in and day out, as something  s a c r e d.

Since this is my personal blog, full of posts about my family, and living with grief... I thought starting a new blog  would be a better idea.  If you read, enjoy!  If not, enjoy!  : )

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