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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Long Winter/An Odd Resolution.

It's January 7th.  I like 7.  It's my favorite number in the universe.

Since I like it so much, I'm just going to count this as my "January 1st".  Happy New Year, y'all!  ; )

We started off December with a cloud of sadness. December is always rough, as it is etched with memories of Momma. I think of her so much, of course.  I think of how life was with her, how much joy she brought, how much I wish she were here for us, and for our sweet son.  December....oh, December.  It is always packed full of horrific memories of what happened several years back.  The tragedy that struck us all.  The waiting.  The tears.  The questions.  The silence.  The darkness.  The anger.  The loss.

The December we just left began with burying my Grandma.  We got the call that started the days of sadness about my Momma on December 4th, many moons ago.  Grandma's funeral ended up being on December 4th.
Needless to say, it's been a long several weeks.  Rest in peace, my sweet Grandma.

The rest of December just didn't go as I planned.  Which is funny, you'd think I would have learned by now to stop making plans.  Life is always just a "go with the flow" type thing for us.  Which doesn't jive with me, because I am a type A gal!  (Did I just use "jive"???)  I plan, plan, plan, schedule, schedule, schedule!
I make it a point to fill our December with activities, art, fun stuff, family things, etc.  We usually have Christmas shopping done around Thanksgiving.  But this year, we just had to go with the flow.  Christmas passed us by, and we have been going...nonstop.  I was hoping to use our Christmas break to get SO much done, to relax, and even read some books!  Didn't happen.

Since it couldn't happen during December, I thought, "Well I'll just cram all that stuff into our last holiday week, get it all done during the first week of January!"...
January 2nd, our whole family got the FUNK.  No, I don't mean a dance party happened.  (Although I can beat you any day on M.J's Dance game!  Just pick a time, people!  Well....one person who can beat me is my sweet niece, Bethany.)   Anyhow, a puking Offspring and fevers abounded starting that day. So much for getting things done!

Maybe for this girl, I just need to teach myself to relax.  There's a running joke that I never sit down.  I am a very antsy girl.  I have to move, I need to be doing things.  Not because it's an idol, or because I feel the need to be busy, I just prefer to be getting things done.  I don't see the need to sit, when I have an ongoing list in my head of all I can be doing.  Aside from chores, planning, homeschooling, and all the other hats I wear, I like life quite a bit!  There's so much to do, to see, to learn, to experience, to live.

So much life to live, because we all know how precious the days are.

Since the days ARE so precious.......I DO need to sit down.  I need to take longer breaks.  I need to sit longer with this hot guy I like to kiss on. I need to cuddle longer with this sweet offspring, before I blink and see a man in his place.  (And trust me, offspring of ours....I WILL still be kissing your little face even when you're 60!!!)

This year, I'm not setting goals for MORE to do.  I'm not resolving to add more to an already very busy life.  I'm not adding more things to my checklist.  I'm not adding more stuff to mentally carry around.  I'm not adding, because my life is quite full.  I like that.  I am grateful for that.  I love these people I get to live this wonderful life with.  I adore what I get to do for our family, and for our Church.  Through the days that I continue to be given, though we carry many burdens of grief, and though there may be times of sadness ahead.......there will be plenty of laughter, work, fun, and crazy-good times!!

And somewhere in the middle of it all,
I'm going to just sit down this year!

Who knows, maybe that will lead to some even better times!  That's what I remember about my Momma, by the way.  I remember when she took time to talk to me, when she looked at me, when she was just there with me.  Pausing, with me.  Even if we were doing nothing at all, and I was "bored"... I remember those times.  I remember the same about Daddy, watching every episode of  "The Andy Griffith Show" about 87 thousand times.  I remember, Daddy!   I love it!  : )

Once again, Happy New Year, on this January 7th!

I'm going to go sit now, and love on these people.

"Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.  Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS.  For My Yoke is easy and My burden is light."

*Matthew 11:28-30*

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